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The Korea chapter of the IAWJ The Korea chapter of the IAWJ

World Women's Conference 2010, judges selected emergency service agency Bidding

  • Writer :
    2009-10-05 10:11:30
1. Business services overview
ㅇ Project: Planning and Preparing for 2010 World Women Judges Conference. Operating Agencies
ㅇ For Business
    - Performed in the attached Request for Proposals
ㅇ business term: one from a 2010 agreement. 6. 5. Until (but after the end of the meeting to order and the financial progress of work under the mutual agreement can be shortened or extended operations)
ㅇ estimated budget: Fri saeokohcheonmanwonjeong (₩ 450,000,000 A), including VAT
The proposal requests ㅇ tasks, and other alternative business briefing

2. Bids and contracts: the contract negotiations by
- An agreement by the parties in the state law (the "State Contract"), enforceable in accordance with Article 43 of the contract negotiated by the Equal

3. Bidding Eligibility
Joe's 12th National Contract enforceable ㅇ qualified party
    ※ National Contract No. 72 Joe's co-contract not enforceable
ㅇ Tourism Promotion Law Article 4 (Registration) Regulations according to the International Conference of the registered companies
ㅇ The provisions of Article 76 on State Contracts enforceable by bujeongdang farmer who received a bid to limit eligibility, except
Participate in bidding City ㅇ our selection committee has no objections to the way companies hwakyakhan

4. Bidding procedures, participation
ㅇ Required Documents
   ① Bid Application Form (attached Proposal Form No. 1) Part 1
   ② Commitment Letters (proposal attached form No. 2) Part 1
   ③ integrity implement a memorandum of agreement (proposal attached form No. 3) Part 1
   ④ price proposals (proposals attached form, Volume 4) 1 copy
     ※ submit sealed price proposal
   ⑤ proposal Part 10 (CD 1 Department proposal, a summary sheet 10, made separate presentations files)
     ※ General status and history, financial statements (last 3 years), the performance of conference performance, commitment and professional details of the history attached to the proposal
   ⑥ business registration, company seal one copy of each certificate and the Corporate Register
   Memorandum of deposit payment bidding ⑦
ㅇ bid registration deadline: 2009. 10. 16. (Fri) 15:00
    ※ excluding Saturdays and holidays
ㅇ Place Bid Registration: Court Administration Policy Research deliberation damdanggwansil
     [Phone: 02-3480-1262, Seocho the 219 (Seocho-967) Supreme Court of Korea 571 West 5th Floor, Seocho Station Subway Line 2 and get off at Exit ⑥ walk 3 minutes]
5. Negotiate and determine the winner
ㅇ assessment procedures
    ① 1 primary document review
                - Bids close to the results exceed the five companies participating in the 2nd through the paper screening examination within four companies selected to target the individual will be notified
         ② 2 round interview examination (presentation)
                - 1st screening company presentations through detailed technical evaluation
                - Presentation of the Students prepare yourself for this event should be conducted.
                - Date: 2009. 10. 21. (M), presentation time further notice
                - Venue: further advice
                - Presentation: 20 minutes each specific
                 ※ simsasi detailed evaluation items and criteria: See attached Request for Proposals
                 Configure a separate evaluation by the evaluation committee ※ (5 or more)
ㅇ formula
    - Technical assessment (80%) and price evaluation (20%) followed by the aggregates must score
    - Evaluation Committee review proposals, conduct presentations and questions and answers from the company ranked No. 1 rating by comprehensive negotiations to determine the winner, first negotiated a deal with the target company to negotiate with the company made chasunwi omitted
    - Selected results of individual notice, and notice the progress of the negotiation date may be subject to change
    - How to negotiate, and about the criteria and procedures as prescribed in the Request for Proposals Performed

6. Matters relating to the bid bond and belong
ㅇ bid security: paying Exemption (bid bond submitted a memorandum of payment)
ㅇ contracts sold and not without reason, that does not pay the bid security deposit to bid on a 2010 Memorandum of the World Women's Conference Committee judges should be paid to

7. Compliance with implementation of Integrity Agreement (Form No. 3 format)
- Who are participating in this bid must be submitted a Memorandum of integrity must fulfill the contract

8. Other bidding requirements
ㅇ do not return any documents submitted, the contents of the proposal evaluation and negotiation may suffer the results publicly
ㅇ The cost of a bid associated with any of the required bid at the expense of the participants should
Parties are not eligible to participate ㅇ bid bid bid participation application form is insufficient to qualify as a Process this invalid
ㅇ bid proposals, and the price for registering a Bid must be sealed with the seal of the service company representative or representatives shall submit a letter directly to the self-possession and receipt of postal bulgaham
More details on the Request for Proposals ㅇ as prescribed Performed

9. Supplemental Information Source
Request for Proposals about ㅇ The quality of this case, it is attached to the questionnaire form, according to the Request for Proposals sent by FAX must be quality, quality time in my dochakbun eungdapham year.
         - FAX transmission received confirmation that the responsibility jeansa
Questionnaires sent and received confirmation ㅇ
         - Court Administration policy statement indeed responsible simuigwan Wind
         - Phone: 02-3480-1294
         - FAX: 02-3476-8045
Bidding period ㅇ query limited to eight days from the date of
For answers to questions by ㅇ Request for Proposals Has the same effect

The above announcement.

2009. 10. 5.

Judges 2010 World Women's Conference Committee Chair